The Goddess Within

a personal exploration of the goddess archetypes

To Know Thy Self


We all strive for an understanding of who we are, what motivates us to do certain things while resisting others. We wonder why we are not more like ____ (insert any person you’ve long felt typified what you “should” be). We question why there is a void within as though we are not living our most authentic life.

We have all looked in the mirror and wondered who is staring back at us. Why we feel like a stranger in our own bodies and our own lives.

The Goddess Within is a self-paced personal exploration aimed at helping you to understand yourself better by exploring the 6 main Greek Goddess archetypes. These archetypes represent a portion of the feminine experience and help us to better understand what drives and motivates our emotional, physical and mental inclinations.

Goddess Within is an offering of connection and healing. This is a journey which will lead us home to ourselves. We will uncover your dominate Goddess archetype and learn her story, her magic and her medicine. In so doing you will awaken your connection to these qualities within yourself. Allowing the void to be filled, understanding to replace doubt and the wisdom to know how to connect to these qualities no matter the landscape of your modern life.  We will uncover tools that help us as we weave through various roles in our lives, embracing different phases and develop a working relationship with each Goddess and her medicine as we circle the Wheel.

This course will connect you to the divine feminine is a powerful way that lends great momentum to your life.


You will receive the medicine to:


·      Feel a profound connection to your power, your voice and the source of your creative inspiration and purpose.

·      Transform your life from the inside out, forming a strong bond with you and your divine Goddess archetype.

·      Find internal strength and no longer seek validation external to you.

·      Stand firm in your sensual, powerful and masterful power as a woman made in direct reflection of the Goddess.

·      Build a spiritual coalition of Goddess allies whom you will feel confident calling on to weave magic in your life. 

·      Find potent connection to your purpose and the confidence to explore your calling.

·      Learn how to connect with your dominate Goddess Archetype even if your life contrasts her energy. 

·      What Goddess is available to you during certain phases of your life. 

·      How to work with your Goddess Archetype to manifest your deepest and longest held dreams. 

·      How to build a life rich in connection, joy, love and abundance-a life that is only possible when we embrace our Goddess selves and work with her sacred energy. 


The Six Goddesses we will explore:









The Goddess speaks to us in a different tone and flavor depending upon where we are in the Wheel of our evolution. Each of these Goddesses represent an energy, a psychological make-up and will speak to you in a unique way.


With this course, you receive:


·      Weekly eBooks covering a specific Goddess outlining her mythology and personal characteristics.

·      Ritual/altar ideas as well as meditations to meet and commune with each Goddess energy

·      Practical tips and tools for bringing each Goddess energy into your everyday life. This includes but is not limited to journal prompts, exercises, activities and meditations.

·      Insight on working with each Goddess so that you can build a relationship, invite their energy into your life and benefit from their medicine.

·      Understanding the flow of Goddess energy and whether a particular energy is in imbalance and how to correct this flow. 

·    Recorded Meditations and Journeys


This is your time-to stand at the intersection of who you are and all that you can become. This is a deeply personal, deeply rewarding exploration of self-healing and understanding.  

Are you ready to answer the call?