You are ready for answers, clarity and understanding



Perhaps you are wrestling with a decision; unsure of which path to take? Maybe you are questioning your purpose and want to know more about the energy that surrounds you, the internal landscape that drives you? 

You are ready to delve into the deepest parts of yourself, to have a mirror held so that you can see you and your situation with a greater awareness. An awareness that helps you to make empowered choices and understand the changes you need to make. 

But... a reading? 

Some of you may have no experience sitting with a psychic counselor and have visions in your head courtesy of what you have seen in movies or heard from others. Rest assured that while there is plenty of mystery, ritual and magic in a reading they are very normal and require no fancy headdress or jingling bracelets, lest that is your jam, in which case have at it. More like sitting with a good friend and trusted adviser, readings are tools to help you understand your situation, the energy within and around you all to help you navigate the path ahead. So we stop flailing through life aimlessly and instead begin to embark on the truest intuitive alchemy-grounding into the physical the dreams we have within. 


My motto is that readings should be practical and mystical. Spiritual and grounded. Honest and accurate while also empowering and supportive. 


Chances are great that many of you have had readings in the past that seemed too generic-lots of fuzzy, newagey buzzwords that you struggled to see how it fit in your life. Or maybe you felt that reading lacked depth and instead left you uninspired or even more confused than before you came in?


These are not those readings


I believe that whether consulting the cards, opening to channel spirit, interpreting a birth chart or bringing all these tools together into one cosmic, life altering session, to me its all for naught if you don't understand the guidance and know exactly how to apply it to your delectable, modern and busy life. This is why all of my sessions are filled to the brim with spiritual truth and grounded practicality. 

These are readings with wheels. Insight you can understand, guidance that serves as a catalyst for change and powerfully life affirming experiences which capture the pulse of the human experience. 

If you have the opportunity for a session with Laura, please accept it… and bask in truth, trust of our universe and warmth.
I received my first reading with Laura for my 41st birthday. I had no specific questions I was able to articulate but I could feel questions swimming in my soul, Laura could also feel them.
To begin with her voice is truly special, both in sound frequency she emanates and in her powerful, warm, and wise use of it. Her voice resonates so deeply I felt immediately as if she’s known me and been near me my entire life… a sister, a wise woman and a friend.
As Laura unfolded our session she translated the words that shaped the questions I felt about my future with incredibly astounding insight and keen intelligence. Her soulful voice walked with me and guided me to resolutions and practices I did not know were even within me.
I sat in complete shock as she spoke my hearts lingering questions with grace and love, her voice moved like sunlight through so many chambers I rarely opened to and she flooded them with a rare loving and knowledgeable light.
— Megan Victoria, Owner of Jupiter LaLa

What holds resonance with you today?



Tarot Readings

Tarot is our counselor-throughout the ages, the greatest minds have sought out oracles for insight. Tarot is a mirror which reflects back the truth of who we are. It highlights our strengths and weaknesses; the decisions we've made as well as the attitudes we have and how each of these have shaped our lives. Tarot is a tool that brings understanding of who we are, what changes we need to make as well as what is ahead upon our path.  

Intuitive Alchemy

These sessions are in depth, compassionate and transformative experiences designed to assist you in tapping into your inner self and aligning with purpose. These sessions are a beautiful and harmonious marriage of psychic insights, direct channeling, Tarot, astrology and coaching, all brought into one powerful session. Together we shake away old narratives of fear, wounds and self-limitation so that you may weave a new path. The marriage of these gifts both natural and learned allow us to understand what surrounds you at present, what is likely to happen if you stay on the present course and what changes you can make to shift the path ahead.  We open to channel the insight available and then ground that insight into practical action that brings lasting change within your life. 


Astrology is a deeply personal tool for self discovery. The chart of the sky upon your birth helps you to know yourself deeper, to understand your "factory settings" that drive your interaction with love, money, purpose and healing. The planets and celestial bodies create a cosmic blueprint wherein we can understand how best to approach the opportunities presented to us, the challenges that we face and the decisions that we make. This ensures that we make solid, sound choices that enrich our experience and brings wholeness and fulfillment.