What does your relationship to abundance look like right now? 

Does your relationship with abundance bring you pain or joy? Stress or elation? Do you feel good or as though you are falling behind? Do you even know what the hell abundance looks like to you or are you stuck in a narrative that tells us a whole lot about your parents (or societies, or your colleagues etc.) vision of abundance? Whether you have a fluctuating relationship with money or have felt stuck in the same place with little growth its time we had a chat. 

Believe it or not abundance in all its forms, even money and prosperity, are your divine right. 

Thats right-you read that correctly. I want to start this discussion off on the right foot by cutting right to the chase and letting you know that your source did not put you on this Earth to suffer or feel as though abundance is something only a select lucky folks are allowed the privilege of experiencing. In fact money is actually a tool of the divine through which you can do great acts of service for the world and it all starts with YOU. 

Yep-heard it hear first--sacred self care is a divine act. When we tend to ourselves and make our lives full of juicy goodness we are more present in the roles we embody for others including the acts of service we extend out into this beautiful world. But when we are stressed about money or feel anxiety and fear over having enough we are hardly capable of truly being present in our purpose and showing up for the world. When we are dealing with this heavy, low vibe feelings around money our power is siphoned. Our creative power is dulled and we feel unable to really connect to our unique offering to this world. Our personal power is diminished as we feel helpless to control our lives and tend to our most basic needs and the needs of those who count on us. Worry, stress, anxiety, fear....these things rob us of our beautiful energy and compromise our connection to purpose. 

I've been there and done that....

By all accounts if I had sat where I was once at my life would look a great deal different than it does today. I left school early, had a sweet beeb before the ripe age of 21 and wrestled with poor financial decisions that left me knee high in debt and insecure about my future. I also was telling a story that abundance was not in the cards for me. That I was destined to live life struggling pay check to pay check as my parents had before me. Even when opportunity would present itself I hardly took notice because my mind was so focused on what I BELIEVED what possible. 

But I grew tired. Tired of believing the worst was coming. Tired of staring up at the ceiling each night, unable to fall asleep because the weight of anxiety over how I would feed my baby or have the money for rent at the beginning of the month made me unable to breath. After a particular difficult night of repeating this cycle I got pissed. I raged at the Universe, at the divine for leaving me this pile of crap and bringing me here to simply worry my way through life. There had to be more, there had to be another story for me, I told the Universe. And in the back of my mind a voice replied "Of course there is but you must begin telling it."

Id like to say that I immediately saw the light and listened but it would take time before the weight of those words, the profundity of this message would really sink in. And when it did I became an unstoppable force. I refused to be shaken from my belief that I could leave my pursuit of a demanding college career to find prosperity through work that my soul ached to do. I didn't listen to the naysayers who told me there was no way I could make a substantial living for my now growing family by offering readings and intuitive coaching to women. I never once allowed their stories to influence my own. And I prospered because of it. And Im not just talking about financially, though that certainly was a plus to my new story. I am talking also about experiencing the abundance that comes in relationships that supported me and my growth. The abundance found in health that gave me the ability to show up for myself, my family and the world. I am talking about that juicy, cant resist curling into it, warm abundance that flows when we are doing life in alignment with our purpose and potential.  

I believe we go through things so that we can help others who are where we once were.

My story is not necessarily unique. We all have had our ups and downs and have been dealt an interesting hand in this crazy, numinous ride. What makes my offering unique is that Im selling shit hucked from some self help book that someone else wrote based on what they read in someones else's book (we all stand on the shoulders of one another, no hate). I am sharing with you the process by which I went from bleak abundance to radiant abundance-a verdant garden rich with potential and possibility. Its the process by which I have helped countless clients in the past 15 years radicalize their prosperity consciousness and turn their lives into a garden ripe for possibility and potential. 

And I want to help you get the ball rolling, for FREE. 

For some a full fledged program is unnecessary and redundant. You may be naturally tenacious and a great self starter so taking in the foundation may be enough to set you well on your way on the path of financial freedom and cultivating a rich garden of abundance. For others you may feel like you green thumb is more of a brown thumb and everything you touch seems to hardly make it past the seedling stage. For those of you who find resonance there is a larger program with more one-on-one help but lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. 

In The Garden of Abundance is an ebook designed to get you thinking about your relationship with prosperity and the story you tell. We are going to look at 3 of 10 major and mostly commonly held core beliefs surrounding money that hold us back and keep us terminally locked in a scarcity mindset. I will give you practical shifts in perspective so you can begin to rewrite your narrative around abundance and steps to take that will have you releasing low vibe energy surrounding money and soaring into your fullest, most expansive potential.  

There is absolutely NO obligation or strings. I want to set you on this path and show you that with some small tweaks you can get the ball rolling in your favor. That you can begin to radicalize your relationship with abundance without outlaying tons of money that you may already feel you do not have to do so. Changing our lives should not be an additional stressor to our life but something which frees us for the greatness that awaits us.